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    Pick New Bedside Table Designs From Vedant Artisans

    A small bedroom setup is crucial to making your living area feel more vibrant. To maximize space in your bedroom, it’s not just about the bed and headboard or the extra chairs you keep there. Using wooden bedside table designs may also be an excellent way to keep your belongings organized. You can now get in touch with Vedant Artisans, one of the best furniture table retailers, who offer premium wooden furniture at the price you’ve always desired. Also at the end of the blog, you will get to know what is the need of designing tables? Read on to know more.

    Why Are Table Designs Important?

    The table design is essential for some reasons. First of all, they improve the content’s readability and aesthetic appeal. An attractive table can efficiently arrange data, facilitating readers’ comprehension. Furthermore, carefully planned table designs can enhance the user experience, especially in digital formats that make use of interactive elements like filtering as well as sorting.
    Tables are also essential for data analysis and decision-making[1] since they make it easier to find trends and patterns. All things considered, devoting time and energy to table design ensures that information is conveyed succinctly and artistically, improving the impact and usability of publications or presentations.

    Couch-Cum-Bed, Diwan, or Single Bed: An Attractive Solid Wood Bedside Table

    The most important thing about bedside table designs is that, depending on your budget, they can merely be an extra piece of furniture which will improve the overall visual appeal of the décor when you get a modern hardwood solid bed as well as a wooden sofa-cum-bed.

    • On the bedside table, you may store your Kindle, periodicals, books, water bottles, and medications. There are several options for patterns, hues, polishes, and textures—both grained and non-grained. The living area will appear more organized and clean with a wooden side table with a drawer for the bedroom.
    • A table with or without drawers is an option. The natural arrangement for a table with drawers would be to keep essentials inside of it. Choose from a variety of solid, easy-to-maintain wooden bed table options from Vedant that will provide a distinct visual element to your bedroom.
    • To customize the side tables’ appearance, consider adding multiple wood designs to their sides and corners, as well as creating wooden frills. This will give the tables a more classic yet calming appearance. You can store your medication boxes and time clocks on a simple wooden side table with a drawer.

    Benefits of Having a Bedside Table

    A bedside table makes your bedroom appear more “complete.” Furthermore, it dramatically simplifies your life in the bedroom. Your book, a bedtime lamp, your phone, and a drink of water are all little storage units that you can’t go a night without from your bedside table. Let’s explore the three primary advantages of owning a bedside table in more detail:

    1. Aesthetics of bedrooms: Bedside tables provide style to your bedroom. Your nightstands could be designed or styled to match whatever theme you choose for your room. Considering a rustic aesthetic? Invest in a wooden bedside. Do you like the house style better? Give your wooden nightstand a white wash.
    2. Simple storage: Your lampstand table can be used for more storage purposes than just holding a lamp. The storybook or stories you are reading at the moment, your phone, your alarm clock, and a drink of water are a few examples. There are many valuable trinkets you can keep in the drawers of your nightstand much like your journal or diary and a flashlight.
    3. Nightstands are useful: Having a bed lamp allows you to turn on the lights without getting out of bed in case of an emergency at night. Reaching a bedside lamp that is elevated off the floor is more complex than reaching one that is on a pedestal.


    A wide range of modern bedside table styles are available at Vedant Artisans to fit any bedroom. Their selection includes items with detailed carvings on hardwood surfaces as well as sleek, minimalist designs to suit a wide range of interests. The precision and attention to detail used in each design demonstrate the artisans’ skill and dedication to high quality. Vedant Artisans offers solutions to fit your preferences, whether you’re more of a modern, streamlined design person or a rustic farmhouse style.


    Q1. Which term is appropriate for a bedside table?

    Nightstand: A nightstand, also known as a night table, bedside table, day stand, or bedside cabinet, is a small table and storage unit intended to be placed next to a bed or in another location in a bedroom. Small bedside tables with one or more drawers, shelves, and, less frequently, a small door are the usual characteristics of modern nightstands.

    Q2. What distinguishes a bedside table from a nightstand?

    Compared to bedside table designs, which are often smaller and more compact, nightstands are more oversized and usually offer more significant storage space. Bedside tables are excellent for people who prefer a simple surface to keep their necessities close at hand, while nightstands are great for people who need more storage.

    Q3. What is the need of designing tables?

    Table design plays a vital role in improving a space’s beauty and practicality. Tables are more than just useful surfaces; they are crucial components of both architecture and interior design.

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