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Side Inlay Table Top: A Luxury Touch To Enhance Your Space 

Looking for a side inlay table top with a beautiful design to enhance your available spaces? This one is for you. Excited to know more? Let’s get started.

Overview of Side Inlay Table

The bone inlay side table is a valuable addition to any living space. The table is known for its detailed design, with elaborate upholstery that makes you feel luxurious. Inlay work generally blends contrasting materials such as stone, metal, wood, etc. emitting an appealing mosaic.

These tables improve the overall aesthetic of a space. The furniture also doubles. The inlay side table tops are made with skill and attention to detail, making them flexible and perfect for interior design aesthetics. Read on for more.

Strategy We Use To Craft Inlay Side Tables?

The process of crafting Side inlay tables is quite a mix of traditional & modern artistry. This results in a beautiful masterpiece for the space. Below are the ins and outs of making a side inlay table top.

The Design: The process starts with the idea of drawing multiple designs and selecting one that suits the space. It also includes sketching, brainstorming, and choosing materials to inlay in the centre of the tabletop. We at Vedant Artisans then collaborate with our artists to design patterns, select contrasting or complementary hues, and prepare the strategies for implementation.

Moulding Into Shape: After finalizing next we jump into shaping the table top relevant to the design. The base of the table is carefully analysed and crafted carefully ensuring the compelling details and quality.

Inlaying Bone & Metal: An inlay table top is incomplete without embedding bone pieces and metal parts into it. These bones and metal are cut and shaped according to the table top size and shape. These elements are the soul of the inlay table top for adding a touch of charm or organic elegance.

The Last Final Touches: After all the above mentioned process done, it comes to giving the final touch to the inlay table such as Sanding, smoothing, and layering to protect the wood & inlay materials. This all is required to ensure the table's longevity and natural beauty.


Advantages of Side Inlay Table Top


The Compelling visuals: The inlay side table internalizes such material and patterns which generates compelling visuls. The design it has is unmatchable by any other table top. A bone inlay side table becomes an eye catching piece in the room due its sophistication and elegance.

Longer durability & stability: The side inlay table top is enough resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, if you want a durable dining or coffee table for regular use, the inlay table top would steal your heart. The build quality and stability of used materials in the inlay table help to prevent it from cracking and breaking. 

Eco-friendly benefits: The bone inlay side table is crafted using the finest wood which is eco-friendly to the environment. These tables are a perfect choice for those looking for eco-friendly furniture options.

Ease of repair: In case a side table top is damaged anyhow, you do not need to worry. Why!! It is because it is quite easy to repair/replace than other table tops. Ultimately, the life of inlay table top is longer keeping the appearance at its best.



What is the purpose of a side table?
A side table is placed beside a piece of furniture a person would sit on, like a sofa, bed or a couch. The key purpose of side tables is to add the elegance to the space & easy the reach to things.

Are the end table & side table same?
An end table is a table which is placed by another piece of furniture as a Reciprocal part. On the other hand, a side table is placed in distinctive parts of home, or offices as decorative piece.

Is bone inlay side table worth of purchasing?
Yes. The decision of purchasing a bone inlay table is worth of your hard earne money. The use of high-quality materials and the a detailed craftsmanship is involved in creating each piece.