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Oval Agate Table: Unique Flair, Lasting Impressions & Stunning Design 

An agate table in the home interior brings attractiveness and modernity. One such eye-catching element is the Oval Agate Table, which is made of agate. Agate is one of the most beautiful and inexpensive stones compared to the others. Additionally, if you want to explore more about agate stones and the process of crafting them into the tables, Read on to the last and you will be making a better decision whether it is for you or not. 

Outline of Agate:  Irresistible Allure of Oval Agate Table

The term Agate originates from the Latin Achates, a river where this stone was initially discovered in Sicily. Agate is found in various countries, including India, South Africa, South America, and Italy. Most of the agate stones we utilize are imported from Brazil. 

This semiprecious stone is found in rocks with blows, cracks, or fissures, such as volcanic rocks. These naturally formed stone-shaped table tops add beauty to your home. It is also used to create beautiful jewellery and other decorative items, which makes them so popular. 

Process of Making An Oval Agate Table

The artistry of the oval agate table top mainly depends on three pillars: 

⦁    Materials used
⦁    Process of manufacturing 
⦁    The designer behind this table

Let's dive into more details. 
Material used: Agate, a naturally occurring stone, is used to design the top of the table. There is a sturdy metal base below. One can expect variation in colour as a natural material is used. 

Process: Agate stones are converted into equal pieces lengths and placed on the top of the tables. Various colour combinations of tables can elevate your home's beauty. 

Designers: The designers behind this masterpiece are none but Vedant Artisans, which means us. We have dedicated designers with years of experience who can skillfully craft the oval agate table top precisely to suit any style of your space.  

Delightful Benefits of Oval Tables:


Following are some of the key benefits of oval agate tables-

Translucent Beauty: The translucency of tables is one of the most striking features. When placed correctly, these slabs exhibit a stunning mixture of colour and light, giving any area a feeling of depth and ethereal beauty. As a leading supplier, we provide customers with various agate tables that can elevate any space effortlessly. 

Exceptional Durability: Yes, they possess appealing beauty, yet they're surprisingly sturdy. You can hold your drinks and other items nicely on this table just because of their muscular structure. Regarding durability, Vedant Artisans stands out by designing a long-lasting, stain- and scratch-resistant oval agate table top,  making them unique. 

Natural Origin and Sustainability: This product is nature-made, making it a sustainable choice. Materials are gathered in such a way that they cause no harm to the environment. We practice sourcing materials ethically without compromising the quality and reliability of providing natural stone tables. 

Maintenance and Care: Upkeep of the slabs requires minimal cleaning activities. Original beauty can be preserved with regular cleaning with mild soap and water. We pride ourselves on supplying an oval agate table with fresh and natural beauty that can win anyone's heart. 




Is an oval gate table expensive?
Ans. Prices of the tables may vary depending on the design, quality and size. If you choose a big, more designful table, the price can be high. We at Vedant Artisans have an extensive variety of agate tables, providing multiple choices for customers. 

Why should I buy an Oval agate table top?
Ans. This fancy table is mainly made of natural agate stone rich in luster and pleasing colours. The top of the table is made of different colours and has beautiful patterns that shape the table's unique look. It's also true that these tables are long-lasting, making them the perfect choice for those looking to save money. 

How is the Oval agate table top Maintained?
Maintaining an agate table is quite easy. Ensure to use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the table. Never use harmful chemicals/abrasive materials that could damage the delicate agate. It's also advisable to place coasters under items to prevent scratches and to avoid exposing the table to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.