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Live Edge Tables Tops: A Simple Way To Brighten Your Space


Tired of cookie-cutter table tops which do not blend perfectly with the background? Look no further than the live edge tables. A masterpiece made up of the finest wood that sparks conversation & enhances the look & feel of the available space. There is much more to dig about these tables. 


Wanna know more?? Stay on to this blog and we’ll be sharing precisely about “what is a live edge table” including the 5 golden points to choosing a perfect piece of the table top. Read on.


What Are Live Edge Tables?

A live edge table is a natural piece of nature brought directly to your space! It is crafted from a tree slice which is polished and adjusted with the foot stool. These types of tables have natural edges, curves and imperfections which gives you unique vibes and feel. 


with all its curves and imperfections, giving you a unique one-of-a-kind table that tells a story of the outdoors. So, it's not just furniture, it's a conversation starter and a little piece of wilderness in your home! 


So, embrace nature’s beauty & invest in a live edge table, and get to experience the warmth, character, & conversation-starting magic of the natural world.


Types of A Live Edge Table


Live Edge Dining Table: These tables are perfect for family dinners and gatherings. live edge dining table with resin is another major preference of people which gives your dining room a new touch of beauty. They come in various sizes to suit your space.


Live Edge Coffee Table: Another type of live edge table is a live edge coffee table. It also comprises a custom coffee table which is an ideal choice for placing drinks, books, or decorative items.


Live Edge Console Table: These narrow tables are often placed in hallways or behind sofas. Live edge console tables possess unique styles and are designed to suit any space perfectly.


Live Edge End Tables: These compact tables are perfect for holding lamps, remotes, or your evening cup of tea.


Live Edge Desks: A live edge desk can make your workspace more inviting and inspiring if you work or study from home.


Live Edge Bar Tops: Perfect for home bars or kitchens, these tables add a unique touch to your entertaining space.


Remember, the type of live edge table you choose depends on your needs and the space you want to enhance. However, Vedant Artisans also allows you to get a custom table which makes it easy for everyone as per their preference. 

Advantage of Considering Live Edge Table


Natural Allure: The foremost aspect of live edge table top is that they contain the raw, natural beauty of wood. Mostly live edge table we offer will have unique shapes and patterns of the wood grain creating one-of-a-kind pieces that bring the outdoors inside.


Warm and Inviting: The second advantage to buy a live edge table is that it emits warmth and atmospheric vibes according to your space. The live edge creates a welcoming atmosphere perfect for gatherings and entertaining friends.


Unique Design: No two live edge table are the same. Each piece has its own distinct features, making it a conversation starter and a focal point in your home.


Timeless Appeal: Live edge tables have a timeless quality. They always stay in style and can fit into various interior design themes.


5 Golden Nuggets To Remember While Buying A Live Edge Table 


Measure Twice, Admire Once: Ensure size and shape fit your space, leaving room for comfy elbows and happy walks around.


Wood Whisperer: Choose a species that sings to your soul - walnut's warmth, oak's strength, or maybe exotic charm. Embrace nature's markings!


Quality, not Quantity: Seek reputable creators like Vedant Artisans, and check proper wood treatment and a base built to last.


Budget Buddies: Being aware of budget limits can bring multiple options before you. Therefore, set a realistic limit, consider eco-friendly options like recycled wood, and remember, that priceless beauty doesn't always break the bank.


Trust Your Vibes: The right table will speak to you, sparking joy and complementing your space. Don't be afraid to ask questions and explore until you find that perfect slice of nature.




What is a live edge table?

The live edges of a table define the perseverance of the edge as it is. No machinery or hand tools are used to define the edges of a table. As a result, the tabletop or furniture remains in its original structure, characteristics and bark.  


Are live edge tables durable?

Yes! The tables are crafted from robust wood slabs, built for a longer period with proper care. These tables generally carry an ability of anti-scratches and warping, though avoiding extreme temperature or humidity changes is recommended. 


Why is live edge dining table so popular?

A live edge dining table is popular as it adds natural raw beauty to your meals. its warmth and wild characteristics transform your dining experience with a live edge masterpiece.


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