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Marble Table Top: Cool, Classy, & Timeless 

Imagine a table top having a smooth, cool surface and attractive patterns along with durability and versatility! Feels Amazing right? And that’s marble table top. Marble is not only a cool or classic element but robust also which lasts for ages. Crafting it into tables as table tops makes it more compelling to both eyes and interiors. 


What is a marble table top?

A table having a flat surface made with marble elements known for its natural durability and aesthetic appeal. The surface made of marble provides sturdiness and attractiveness to the space it is kept in. 


Vedant Artisans offer marble-embedded tables in various colours and patterns in marble table to suit every kind of place. When it comes to the marble then we all are familiar with white marble. 


But there are also black, grey, pink, green, and many other unique hues. This extra artistry done to the marble makes them versatile for different interior design styles. 


Why Should You Consider Marble Tables?


Marble, a prominent element, is well known for its multiple benefits. It is kind of a deal like investing once and enjoying for years as the marble tables are long-lasting to ages. Below are some key advantages that marble table top offer: 


  1. Robust & Long-Lasting: Marble is naturally durable and resistant to chips, cracks and scratches. Marble table top can last for generations if cared for properly. 


  1. Natural Chivalry & Versatility: From the classic colour white to black dramatic, everything in between has a natural elegance to suit any space. Marble comes in a variety of patterns, allowing for versatile design options to match different interior styles.


  1. Cool & Refreshing Touch: The marble has generally a cool surface which feels so refreshing when touching it. It feels more pleasant, especially on summer days.


  1. Heat Resistant: The marble tabletop can easily go through the heat without losing its surface quality. You can place hot items on the marble tables without worrying about the damage to them.


  1. Easy to Clean: A marble table is easy to clean, unlike other materialistic tables. You just a mild soap with clean water and a soft cloth to clean the surface of the table.


More Than Just a Table, It's a Conversation Starter:


Unlike other tables, a marble table top is more eye-soothing and cool to the touch. Once you place it in your space, you will feel a unique type of sparking vibes starting a silent convo. You can impress your guests with its natural allure and make a memorable moment. 


Even If you want to sip your first coffee of the morning with a luxurious touch of coolness then marble tables are perfect for it. Creating cherished memories around a tabletop is what you will love to recall in life so don't wait more and make the moment cheerful.


4 Vital Tips For A Perfect Purchase


While going to purchase marble tables, be sure to remember the following 3 points. These points are crucial for making a great purchase online. 


  1. Determine Budget: The budget can vary depending on the table you choose. Therefore, identifying your budget limits is the foremost step. However, deciding your budget in advance can help you to filter only the relevant options before you.


  1. Size and Space: Determining the required size of the table according to the space is the second important thing to do. Eventually, it also saves your precious time and energy. 


  1. Table Shape: It is crucial to determine what type of table shape will complement your space. As there are multiple shapes of tables we offer from oval to circular and square to rectangular. Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect shape of marble tables according to the space.


Ready to Transform Your Space!

So if you are ready to turn your space into heaven, come to Vedant Artisans and explore the perfect match to enhance your home and reflect your unique style with every size, shape, and colour imaginable of marble table top. It's a choice for timeless grace, constant quality, and a touch of raw magnificence that will augment your life for years to come. 




Is marble good for table top?

Yes. Marble is a good choice for table tops due to its durable, long-lasting and heat-resistant characteristics. Marble is considered one of the most beautiful materials for a table.


Is a marble dining table worth it?

A marble table is worth your hard-earned money. You would enjoy it for years due to its strength, robust quality and elegance.


Is marble table easy to maintain?

Yes. A marble table is quite easy to maintain when compared to other granite or wood tables. Ensure to clean the surface with a soft cloth and a mild soap solution. Avoid harsh cleaners as these can dull the look of your marble.


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